President Donald Trump Signs Executive Order On Cyber Security

President Donald Trump Signs Executive Order On Cyber Security

Why Is Cyber Security Essential?

Cyber security is vital for everyone. As almost all of us share important information over the internet. Such sensitive data include bank account details, company information, important trade figures and other personal data.

But, the hackers are smart enough to even target the companies offering the digital security services. Such cases have already happened a few times in the past. Of course, there is a strict need for safety measures from such attacks.

Arguably, it isn’t only the number of cyber security attacks that is growing. In fact, the harshness of these attacks is on the upsurge as well. Hopefully, government departments are identifying the need of cyber security.

The US Government’s Approach

The US government is all set to see an absolutely new approach towards the digital security. President Donald Trump has signed an Executive Order (EO) concerning the government cyber security activities.

No doubt that the new government is considering the internet issues important. Accordingly, it is finding a way to shield the American individuals from the continuous digital dangers.

About The Trump’s Executive Order

Presently, most of the transactions and businesses happen online. What’s more, working in the virtual world brings a considerable threat too. There is a cyber crime history timeline which includes small corporate, an easy target for hackers who look to steal information. Therefore, there is a need for an added attention on the cyber security issue.

In the past years, hackers hacked many of the government agencies’ cyber space. In fact, they stole millions of sensitive data records. To avoid such problems in the future, the US government in strengthening its cyber security.

The EO seeks to improve the network security of the US government agencies.  All things considered, the order aims to develop a more vibrant cyber prevention plan. To make this successful, the government will build a strong cooperation with its partners in the cyberspace.

Agencies To Submit A Report

First and foremost, all federal agencies will implement the National Institute of Standards and Technology guidance document. Next, they will hand over a progress report in the next 90 days.

Also, the agency’s report needs to have detailed data about the risk it will take and ignore. Each US government agency needs to submit a risk management report within 90 days.

Lucideus Launches SAFE

On the other hand, Lucideus has launched SAFE (Security Assessment Framework for Enterprise). Lucideus is an IT Risk Assessment and Digital Security Services company. And, SAFE is an enterprise platform, which may change the way people think about the cyber security. Hence, SAFE can be considered as an important step in the digital security arena.

What Is SAFE?

Lucideus’ SAFE intends to make the cyber security less difficult to understand. It also offers an analysis of the digital security of an enterprise.


  • works inside the enterprise and uses its technology over the digital security that is existing in the enterprise.
  • takes control over the control library.
  • provides the enterprise with a real-time analysis of the state of its cyber security.
  • Able to present an analysis of the cyber security employed in the enterprise.

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