BlueBorne Affects iOS, Android, Windows, And Linux Devices

BlueBorne Affects iOS, Android, Windows, And Linux Devices

The tech future belongs to the Internet of Things. However, the devices connected in the IoT are also susceptible to outside threat. Recently, Google Home and Amazon Echo were hit by big bad Bluetooth flaws called BlueBorne. It is really important that you use secure VPN services to avoid such kind of malicious attacks. According to security vendor Armis, BlueBorne has affected billions of devices running iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux. The firm identified eight vulnerabilities, and four of them are said to be grave.

BlueBorne vulnerabilities are very hazardous. The hackers can easily start this type of attack. The worst thing is that the users can be at the receiving end, even if they do not visit malicious websites. These types of attacks can lead to spreading malware. Hackers can also get easy access to sensitive data like personal information. Though the cyber security professionals are trying to find ways and means of protecting the sensitive data, it is important that the users also take measures at their level. Using secure VPN services is one of the most means of protecting IoT devices.

Secure VPN For Protecting IoT Devices

A secure VPN can help in better protection of data. The IoT devices should be connected through the secure VPN router. Le VPN on router ensures top level security of all the devices connected to it. Be it your smart TV, internet-enabled printer, home security system, etc. Additionally, Le VPN ensures that your identity and data is kept safe from eavesdropper or hackers. A secure VPN will help in giving better privacy and better security to the user.

Along with opting for a secure VPN, you can take following measures to ensure that you are safe in the online world.

  • Use of strong passwords for IoT devices
  • Avoid ISP supplied routers
  • Update your WiFi routers regularly
  • Always ensure that you switch off Bluetooth when it is not in use
  • There should be a minimal sharing of private date with software, devices and other websites with which the user connects.
  • Try to avoid the use of features like GPS geo-location etc.

Taking care of all the points mentioned above and a secure VPN will offer better chances of evading attacks by hackers. VPNs create a digital tunnel through which your devices can safely connect to the Internet.

Le VPN On Routers For IoT Devices

When you do decide to make use of VPN services for IoT devices, then make sure you select the best service provider. Furthermore, Le VPN has partnered with the major router companies to offer the best VPN router technology to you. This is also one of the easiest ways to enhance the security of your IoT devices.

Moreover, Le VPN encrypts all the data. Therefore, the identity and other details of the user are completed protected. Le VPN does not store the logs of the users. Hence, one can be sure that they are safe in the online world. With the increase in the airborne attacks on IoT devices, it is important that the users use additional layers of security. Le VPN is very easy to use and affordable. What are you waiting for? Hurry and subscribe to Le VPN service to secure your IoT devices.



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