Beware of hackers during holiday season!

Beware of hackers during holiday season!

More and more internet users are online shoppers, especially during the holiday season. This is a a great opportunity for cybercriminals who are always looking for ways to scam Internet users and smartphone users. Below are some of the tricks used by hackers.

No Christmas break for cybercriminals! Indeed, they specifically use this time to increase the traps that users may fall by coating the holiday season colors. All sorts of phishing scams are blooming during this season. Indeed, watch out for such emails referring users to fake ecommerce sites where web users purchase their gifts and provide them with their bank details and other personal data. Cybercriminals can also be behind fraudulent delivery or use Christmas spirit to convince users to give money to an association … whose site will of course be scammed.

The danger can also come from classifieds sites, which are much visited before Christmas. “Beware of ads asking too much personal information or requesting some Western Union down payment, for example,” warns the Centre for Research and consumer. Don’t be fooled by such websites offering Air iPad or Galaxy S4 for US$ 50 … This is always too good to be true.

The McAfee antivirus software company also warns smartphone users who have become the new target for scammers. False seasonal apps or trendy programs are circulating via SMS. “If mobile users click on the download link, this may give access to their smartphone and allow calls to be made to premium rate numbers,” warns McAfee.

So make sure you download apps only from official shops. The editor also warns users that false e-cards can install a Trojan or a virus on the computer of the user who would click a little too fast on the attachment … “Better check who is the sender” as McAfee advises to do. This should also be the case when you download games.

During the holiday season and throughout the year, beware of unusual messages and offers…

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