Egypt Censors VoIP Services Like WhatsApp And Skype

Egypt Censors VoIP Services Like WhatsApp And Skype

Egypt is now censoring the VOIP services including WhatsApp and Skype. But you can use the VOIP VPN to access these services to avoid censorship.

Egypt is increasing the internet censorship. The country has now blocked the VOIP services. These include WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Facetime etc. Though security reasons was given as the prime cause for the ban, some sources cite the protest by local telephone companies as the main reason. These VOIP services had affected the revenue of these local telephone companies.

So, Is It Time To Bid Adieu To VOIP Services In Egypt?

For those staying in this country may feel that this is the end of the road. They may feel that due to the blocking there is no way they can access these services and enjoy the free internet calls. But there is a solution to the problem. You can always make use of VOIP VPN, that is, you can make use of Virtual Private Network to access these services in Egypt.

These VPN services help you in sending data from your device to another location in encrypted form so that no one really knows what information you are sending. This is an easy way of bypassing the blocking and using your favourite services like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, etc. even when you are in Egypt. This is surely an economical and easy way out.

Try Out The VOIP VPN By Le VPN!

The next question bugging you is which VOIP VPN service provider you can trust. The best solution provider is undoubtedly Le VPN. In this case you can change the IP address to that country, where these VOIP services are allowed. It thus helps you enjoy uninterrupted VOIP services of your choice.

The best part about Le VPN is that it guarantees confidentiality and the company does not keep any traffic logs. Le VPN has servers in 100+ locations and offers one of the best encryption. This is crucial as only good encryption will assure you of complete security of your internet connection. One more thing to note is that Le VPN has competitive rates and large number of people use it across the globe.

So, next time you are travelling to Egypt or need to stay there and do not want to miss out on staying in touch with your loved ones through the free internet calls, then make sure that you subscribe for Virtual Private Network services. This highspeed VPN service will help you take the advantage of the VOIP VPN even in countries like Egypt where these services have been currently blocked. All you have to do is change the IP into that country’s where these services are available. Subscribe for a good VOIP VPN provider today!



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