U.S. will officially create a cyber-army

U.S. will officially create a cyber-army

NSA new boss, Michael S. Rogers, just announced to the Senate that the country would set up an official cyber- army : it will then cooperate with its air, land and sea counterparts.

Admiral Rogers will thus be the head of the U.S. Cyber Command. He did not give further details indeed on this cyber- army, such as the number of men assigned to these virtual fights, but this topic has clearly become a priority for the United States.

The former director of the U.S. Secret Service, General Keith Alexander, had already initiated this army, recruiting hundreds of hackers and computer experts to carry out attacks.

The most famous attack thus developed by this group remains Stuxnet, which targeted Iranian facilities. Under the responsibility of General Alexander, these cyber operations amounted to a $ 4.7 billion budget.
Admiral Rogers also admitted that the new Ukrainian government had recently suffered cyber-attacks. And this is also another reason for him to establish an elite team that will be able to attack and deter enemies to attack the interests and allies of the United States. We refer in particular to countries traditionally challenged by the United States as China and Russia.

These virtual wars remain secret and no one knows if the United States intend to help Ukraine, so as to thwart most attacks Russians target towards them.
On the other hand, the Russians told the US government that they would consider any cyber-attack as an offense perpetrated by “mass destruction weapons.” “It is not sure that this is the appropriate time to see if they are bluffing,” admitted a U.S. government official.

We see indeed in this a boost to the secret informer software program called Quantum revealed by Edward Snowden, which lead to installing spyware on the computers of the Russian army and the Mexican police but also to spy on various European Community institutions.
Since 2008, no less than 100,000 computers around the world where these spyware were installed so as to allow the United States to identify cyber threats and to have the means to respond to them.

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