Towards the end of download sites?

Towards the end of download sites?

Can sites used to download movies or music can really be controlled and blocked by ISPs?

Recently, the European community allowed European nations’ courts to have Internet service providers to block access to sites which are deemed to allow illegal downloads. Europe has indeed confirmed the role of ISPs and their obligation to close a site on justice demand.

Are we then heading towards the end of download sites? No, because indeed blocking a website seems illusory. The procedure to close a site is long, while moving its content to another server and therefore changing a URL only takes a few minutes.
But after the confirmation of the E.U. court, we can move towards automatic procedures in the E.U. stats. In Belgium, for example, the Computer Crime Unit (CCU) could implement concerted and rapid action to close a site in one day.
But as long as there is no centralized European administrative structure to implement this law internationally, download sites are not so much in danger as internet users are.

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