Safe P2P and File Sharing

Safe P2P and file sharing


Peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing is the technology that allows you to access the music, video games, movies, books and other media you want. But without the proper protection, the use of P2P software can leave you and your devices vulnerable. Le VPN can help you maintain your privacy and achieve full information security.

Our VPN service allows you to securely and anonymously download data from the Internet any way you choose. How does it work? A secure connection from Le VPN means that all data passing between you and our servers will be highly encrypted with a complex AES-256 algorithm. This makes any exposure of downloads impossible. Many of our customers are concerned about third-party interception of downloads. When you choose Le VPN, not only is it virtually impossible for third parties to intercept downloads, it’s also impossible to even detect that something is being downloaded.

A secure connection from Le VPN is independent from the software you are using. It protects all of your Internet traffic, regardless of whether you are using uTorrent, eMule, or any other kind of software. Our VPN servers will protect your identity from external networks by carefully rerouting your traffic.


Why Choose Le VPN?

The Internet was designed to be a free-flowing hub of information. However, its original purpose is undermined by countries and organizations that block or censor information, and your privacy is jeopardized when you can’t freely and safely use the software you want to use or share the files you want to share.

That’s why Le VPN exists.

We provide private and secure connections that let you use the Internet the way it was intended. Censors are unable to stop you from visiting the sites you want when you use a VPN connection. No one can see your activity when you use a VPN connection, and your P2P file sharing is as private and safe as possible when you use a VPN connection.

To ensure the best in privacy and safety, Le VPN uses 800 servers located in 100+ locations. Your activity flows through one of our IP addresses rather than your own. You’ll never have to worry about file sharing again, and we’ll never disclose our customers’ information — unless illegal downloads or other illicit activity is involved in the countries not allowing P2P and file-sharing (all countries except for the ones listed under the “P2P&File-Sharing” folder in your Le VPN software), and we are directed to do so by a court of competent jurisdiction in the matter. Please make sure to always use our dedicated P2P servers for all your file sharing, torrent download and P2P activities.

One Simple Subscription, One Superior Experience

At Le VPN, we make things simple by offering all-inclusive VPN subscriptions to customers around the world. When you subscribe, enjoy the VPN connection that gives you browsing privacy and secure file sharing. The Internet is a free tool for you to use as you wish when you select a connection from Le VPN. And the digital media that is so accessible and desirable today can be yours safely through our easy, all-inclusive subscription program.

Subscribe to Le VPN today, and enjoy safe and secure P2P and file sharing.

Note: Torrents and P2P are only allowed with Le VPN servers in CanadaCzech RepublicLuxembourg, Poland and Netherlands.



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