My Private Network and Le VPN: A New Stage

My Private Network and Le VPN: A New Stage

We are pleased to announce that My Private Network, a VPN startup based in Hong Kong, has become part of our Le VPN family. The integration of all My Private Network clients started this week and is scheduled to complete on January 24th. The final step of this merger will be effective as of February 1 of this year, when My Private Network ceases its operations and client support.

Since the very beginning of Le VPN journey in 2010, we have been working hard to take our VPN services to the next level. In addition to becoming a globally recognized leading company in virtual private networks, we have managed to offer an effective, secure product that exceeds expectations of our users. With today’s integration of My Private Network’s clients into Le VPN, we are very happy to take another big step forward in the world of VPNs.

The Word of the Founders

Ksenia Votinova, co-founder of Le VPN, highlighted the great enthusiasm with which Le VPN welcomes the users of My Private Network.

“We are very excited to welcome My Private Network users to the Le VPN family!  Our main goal is to ensure the continuity of their VPN services for the duration of their current plans, and hopefully win them over by showing them all of the great benefits of using Le VPN.  This is why we are also offering one additional free month to all MPN users as a welcome gift.”

On the other hand, the founder and Managing Director of My Private Network, Jon Gittoes, explained why he made the decision to merge with Le VPN. The founder said that during the last few years they have not had the expected success, which led to a decrease in investment in infrastructure and product development. After detailed research, he considered that Le VPN would be the best option for many reasons.

Why Le VPN

My Private Network decided to merge with Le VPN, mainly because the objective of both companies has always been the same. According to Jon Gittoes, while Le VPN has greater capacity in terms of infrastructure, it still shares the same values, is Europe-focused and is agile as all startups in the growth phase, which makes it a perfect fit for My Private Network users. In his open letter to My Private Network customers, Jon Gittoes explains his decision:

“To be honest, being a niche VPN provider in a very competitive market has been a struggle, and in recent years we have not been able to attract sufficient new customers to our service. This has led to a decrease in the investment we have been able to make to our infrastructure, applications, and support. We have always strived to provide the best possible service and ultimately it has gotten to the point where the only way we can do this is to merge with a bigger organization.”

“With over ten years experience of providing VPN services, I looked at all of our competitors and ultimately chose Le VPN as the best fit for our existing customers, based primarily on the following reasons:

  • The right size:  While Le VPN is considerably larger than us, this is still a significant opportunity for them and therefore they are 100% committed to making the transition work.
  • Europe focused:  They have a European management team with the same goals and business values as our own.
  • Trustworthy:  The same rigorous approach to security and privacy.
  • Quality service:  They provide a bigger and better service, in almost every regard, to include more staff, more investment, more servers, and more countries.”

Jon Gittoes states,This is not a decision that I have taken lightly. I started My Private Network over ten years ago and have worked on it every day since.  Joining Le VPN will be a change, but I firmly believe it will be a change for the better and allow us to continue to provide a world class service.” 

Le VPN Services

Le VPN offers servers in 120+ different countries around the world, through which you can:

  • unlock geo-restricted websites to access content from other countries
  • navigate without leaving traces on the web
  • have total privacy and hide sensitive information
  • perform any type of transaction without risks
  • avoid cybercrime and malicious software
  • navigate on all types of devices with the same security
  • share files with people from around the world
  • use social networks without risks
  • travel without losing contact with your country of origin and without censorship
  • avoid the risks of public networks

Le VPN, A Company with History

Le VPN team has been working for eight years without rest. The result is reflected in the products that are developed and upgraded on sometimes a daily basis. Software and applications for all devices and equipment, excellent customer support in five European languages and the peace of mind in terms of privacy and no-log policy – these are just some of the things that make us proud.

When Le VPN was founded in 2010, nobody thought it would get where it got. At present, our company has a team of experts who improve the products and innovate according to user feedback. In 8 years, we have exceeded our own numbers in terms of the most important features of the service:

  • from servers in 5 countries to 100+ locations
  • from 1 language to 5 languages in the apps
  • from 2 to 5 security protocols
  • from 1 to 5 simultaneous connections
  • SmartDNS service on over 100 channels and media services
  • HybridVPN DNS, and much more.

Today Le VPN service offers:

  • applications for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, which are constantly updated
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • SmartDNS and HybridVPN services
  • ultra fast connections
  • stability in restricted networks
  • 7 day trial period with a money back guarantee

As if all this were not enough, Le VPN has the best value for money pricing in the market. Le VPN plans start from only $ 4.95 per month for annual subscriptions.

Le VPN Welcomes New Users

Our team extends a warm welcome to all new users from My Private Network!

We hope you will enjoy using Le VPN service! Our team does its utmost best for the most smooth integration of all My Private Networks users, and we really appreciate your patience if some things are not as smooth as expected! Please contact our Support team if you need any help and they’ll be happy to assist! We are here to help you 24/7 and will do our best to keep you happy!

Welcome Everybody!

Le VPN Team



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Written by Romain Malburet @_R_o_m_1_

Romain is a designer, analyst, and developer who has worked for several technology companies internationally in recent years. Founder of Magic Freelancer, he has collaborated with various blogs by writing articles on IT security news or producing popularization texts. Today, Romain manages Le VPN support service and you will only occasionally come across him as an author in our pages, however, it may happen that he will respond to some of your comments.

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