Facebook App Analytics Report Mistakenly Sent To Testers

Facebook App Analytics Report Mistakenly Sent To Testers

Recently, Facebook mistakenly sent weekly reports analysis to the testers or third-party companies. The data were meant for the developers and analysts of the company as it comprised of user numbers, trends, and analysis. If such a data falls in the wrong hands, it’s not favorable for Facebook. This has been just a company’s weekly report. What if some hacker reaches your personal data stored on the computer? To avoid such data theft instances, protect yourself when you access internet with the best VPN provider. This is one big reason why a VPN is essential.

Access Internet Safely With A VPN

A Virtual Private Network allows users to access the public network with the benefits of online security. Additionally, you get a guarantee of anonymity. An extensive Wi-Fi network can be unsafe and allows hackers to reach any user easily. On the other hand, a VPN ensures encryption of the data traveling between the devices and servers. Le VPN is among the best VPN provider in the market today. Le VPN provides 100% online safety when you access internet even from public Wi-Fi.

What Is A VPN?

It’s a short form of virtual private network. A VPN is a popular security method when you access internet. Le VPN offers data privacy and security. Why should you select Le VPN, which is among the best VPN providers?

  1. Bypass geo-restrictions

A user can access geographically restricted content. E.g., what if you want to watch Indian TV series, but it’s not available at your location. It does not matter if you are located in India or not, you can connect to the Le VPN’s India VPN server. You have to select the geographical location like India, and you can watch the content of your choice. Similarly, you can unblock the online TV shows such as Netflix and Hulu. Above all, use the most secure network from Le VPN to access internet safely.

  1. 100% online safety

Online security is a crucial reason, especially for business professionals. E.g., If you are working remotely, you are continually working with confidential data. Le VPN encrypts the entire network. Hence, you need not worry about data theft. Le VPN also offers stability in the connection and no limits on the traffic. This makes Le VPN the best VPN provider in the market.

  1. High-level encryption

With the help of encryption, you can hide all browsing details and communications. Thus, providing maximum online privacy. For example, countries like Sri Lanka and China have web censorship. This means you can easily bypass the government restrictions. With Le VPN’s high-end encryption, not even your ISP can view your online activities. That means you can access the internet without any hassles.

  1. Online anonymity

Le VPN allows you to protect your online identity and browse the Internet anonymously. We have VPN servers in 100+ locations. When you use Le VPN’s IP address to replace your original IP, you hide your original location. Therefore, you can stay anonymous.

  1. Safe P2P file sharing

Send or receive files on peer-to-peer sites. Le VPN encrypts your internet connection with AES-256 advanced encryption protocol. This offers you peace of mind while using tools like uTorrent.

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