Korea’s Coinrail Loses 40 Million Dollars In Altcoins

Korea’s Coinrail Loses 40 Million Dollars In Altcoins

As we continue to digitalize, there is an increasing need for cyber protection and securing ourselves in the cyber world. Whether connecting with family and friends, we use social networking websites. At the same time, online banking, work-related emails, etc. all occupy the same webspace across the globe.

While cyber protection is of utmost significance nowadays, a VPN or Virtual Private Network offers the most secure way of browsing the internet. It lets you connect your personal device to a secured server via an encrypted virtual tunnel. Le VPN is of the most trusted networks. If you use Le VPN, the entire internet traffic travels through a safe channel having the strongest encryption. Here, we substitute our real IP with that of the Le-VPN’s! Le VPN has servers in 100+ locations across the globe. And you can replace your IP with an anonymous IP of the country you have chosen.

Cyber Crime And Cyber Currency

The hackers have extended their span from cyberbullying and crimes to the latest buzz, Bitcoins. Korea is undoubtedly a hotspot for crypto investment. Coinrail, a smaller exchange, lost about more than 40 million dollars in altcoins to the hackers. Altcoins are neither bitcoin nor Ethereum. But, these are ICO-issued tokens. Additionally, the hackers are said to have taken away 19.5 million equivalent NPXS tokens.

Tinder Scams

Another type of fraud that is flourishing in the cyber world is Tinder scam. When it comes to dating on the tinder, both financial and emotional loss is becoming a significant concern. An anonymous profile starts off with alluring flirtatious messages and goes on to ask for credit card credentials. It may lure you to go on to some adult magazine subscriptions online etc. Finally, the blunder occurs when you respond to them! Either one ends up downloading a virus which robs off the individual by gaining access to all private data!

Le VPN For Cyber Protection

Le VPN’s VPN service enables to change or hide the real IP and unblock censored websites. It improves the online privacy, allows you to surf the internet anonymously and bypass the proxy. Therefore, a VPN has become a necessity to combat the growing cyber threats in personal, professional and financial aspects. When you use Le VPN, your system is hidden behind its numerous VPN servers. Hence, no one can infiltrate the connection.  Even if your system is hacked, a hacker cannot reach your data. In simple words, Le VPN adds an extra layer of online security.

Benefits Of Le VPN

  • Great online security
  • Browse the internet anonymously
  • Bypass internet censorship
  • Unblock TV shows and social media websites
  • Watch live sports streaming
  • Secure P2P and file sharing
  • Top secret encryption with AES 256 encryption algorithm

Additionally, Le VPN is affordable and easy to use. The installation is hassle-free. It’s always better to take proper precautions, after all, it’s a question of your cybersecurity. So, subscribe to Le VPN’s 2-year plan for $69.60.



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