Prowli Malware Affects More Than 40,000 IoT Devices

Prowli Malware Affects More Than 40,000 IoT Devices

Malware issues are a common concern for the internet security. Experts regularly come across malware that targets servers, routers and IoT devices. The latest malware is the Prowli malware. This botnet has already affected more than 40,000 internet connected devices across the globe. Prowli malware makes use of different techniques like abuse of weak configuration, password brute forcing, etc. to attack servers and websites around the world. When you hear of such incidents, you realize the importance of using best VPN for router.

The attackers seem to be more interested in making money by using this malware. This is because it has been found that the infected devices are being abused to mine cryptocurrency or they are redirected to malicious websites. Attackers are also using different means to trick the users into installing malicious extensions. As you can see, it is essential to protect all your devices through various methods. You must keep your system up to date, use strong passwords, use the best VPN for router and other internet-enabled devices.

Keep Your Online Security Intact With The Best VPN For Router:

To protect yourself in the online world you must hide your IP address. It is also important that you hide your browsing history. As long as you are following the law, there is no need for anyone to know about your online history and identity. To stay safe, make sure that hackers must not know where my IP location is. Just type ‘test IP address’ in a search engine, and your IP address will be flashed on the screen. You have the option of using a proxy server or a VPN to hide your original IP address.

One more option that you have is using a VPN service. In the case of a virtual private network, you will be able to hide your IP location. In this case, you have to use the IP of the service provider. The VPN will also help you in overcoming geo-restriction. It is also one of the best ways to browse anonymously. If you were given a choice between the proxy server and the best VPN for router, then choose the latter option. Even though both the methods have their advantages, a VPN offers high-level data encryption. You do not get this in case of proxy server. So, virtual private network service provider gives you better online security and privacy. But for this, you must use only the best service provider like Le VPN.

Le VPN For IoT Security

Le VPN is the best service provider with VPN servers in 100+ locations. We use a very high level of data encryption. With Le VPN you are sure about your privacy as we do not store internet logs of the user. So, you enjoy complete privacy and security. Le VPN offers multi-protocol support. You must opt for one of their competitively priced packages for online security. When you connect Le VPN to the router, you are sure about the IoT security.



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