LocationSmart Exposes Location Of Millions Of Americans

LocationSmart Exposes Location Of Millions Of Americans

Recently, the location tracking website LocationSmart was in controversy for all the wrong reasons. They made the location of millions of real-time users readily available on a free demo public page. The free demo page did not ask for subscriber’s consent before giving away his or her location. The company took immediate steps of reform and removed that free demo public page. However, it did quite a lot of damage before the company made any action. We are living in the virtual world of computers and internet. And here, cyber crime has evolved as a threat to an individual’s integrity and belongings.

Growing Cyber Crime

Cyber-crime refers to all the illegal activities taking place on the internet. It is not necessary that the criminal doing such crime is around you. With the use of technology, it’s straightforward for them to steal a person’s sensitive data or money, even when they are sitting far away. In such a scenario, you should ensure your online safety. And using a VPN is an easy and affordable method to do so.

In the modern times, cyber crime is not limited to big corporates, financial institutes, and government institutes. The cyber crime very successfully entered into personal lives. WannaCry is one such instance that shook the cybersecurity industry last year. Once the hackers get your detail, they can use the same for wrong purposes. It can happen to anyone, and services like VPNs have become more sort of necessity today.

How Can A VPN Help?

A VPN hides your IP address. Therefore, it becomes impossible for any malicious entities to target you directly. Additionally, your system is hidden behind Le VPN’s quality servers. Hence, no third party can reach your information even if your system is hacked.

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is among the affordable means of maintaining privacy and anonymity on the internet. With a VPN service, you can also use a public WIFI without any potential threat to your sensitive data. At the same time, you can hide your online activity from all the prying eyes. A VPN service is a handy tool to cut down the instances of cyber crime.

How To Mask IP Address With Le VPN?

Le VPN protects your internet connection in such a way that the data traveling between the sender and receiver is safe. VPNs offer encryption. Therefore, no third party can see what is being sent from your internet connection. As you know, anyone can track your location through the IP address. However, while using Le VPN, you substitute your IP address with that of Le VPN’s. And no one can realize your original location. And Le VPN can keep your online footprint a secret.

Le VPN offers a right balance of features and ease of use. It has quality VPN servers in 100+ locations, and you can have access to it almost anywhere you want. If an individual uses Le VPN’s VPN solutions, it ensures 100% online security.

Just subscribe to Le VPN and download the VPN app. Setting up this app is straightforward. Le VPN is compatible with all devices and all the operating systems. If you have not yet tried Le VPN, subscribe today.



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