Global piracy up 1.6% in 2017

Global piracy up 1.6% in 2017

People enjoy watching movies, TV shows and listening to the music online. This fascination for online entertainment has also led to increasing in piracy. Watching your favorite shows online is not a crime. However, it is always necessary to follow the rules. At the same time, people pick different methods to bypass these restrictions. However, make sure you do not pick free VPN Torrenting and put your identity and online security at risk.

Alarming Increase In Piracy

A report by Muso reveals that the piracy is increasing across the globe. Muso is a global authority on digital piracy. The US is topmost in the list of digital piracy followed by Russia. The list also has other countries like India, Germany, and Brazil, etc. According to the reports, global piracy increased by 1.6% last year.

Total visits for pirated content in 2017:

  • US- 27.9 billion
  • Russia – 20.6 billion
  • India – 17 billion
  • Brazil – 12.7 billion
  • Turkey – 11.9 billion
  • Japan – 10.6 billion
  • France – 10.5 billion
  • Indonesia – 10.4 billion
  • Germany – 10.2 billion
  • UK – 9.0 billion

Torrenting Is Legal Or Illegal?

Torrent is legal. It involves the sharing of files between the sender and the receiver. However, there is certain content which you can rightfully watch via Torrent. At the same time, there is content which a Torrent is not allowed to show. It’s all about copyright of the material. If you caught in the process of accessing illegal material via Torrents, your ISP may throttle your internet connection or even send you warrants. Hence, avoid accessing pirated content.

Avoid Free VPN Torrenting

A VPN protects the Internet connection from any external threats. It also allows safe P2P file sharing. Just to reiterate, P2P file sharing does not mean pirated content. You can share the music, video games, movies, books, etc. via a VPN. Your system and data are more vulnerable, especially when you use the P2P software. You can evade that risk by using a VPN service. However, there are companies which try to lure customers with free offers. You should avoid using a free VPN Torrenting. Such companies may leak your data to third parties for personal financial gains. Rather pay a small amount for subscribing to a reliable VPN service.

Safe P2P File Sharing With Le VPN

Le VPN is one reliable VPN service provider in the market. You can securely and anonymously download data from the Internet. Your data travels safely with Le VPN’s highly encrypted network. Therefore, no external party (including your ISP) can see what is happening via your system. Simply replace your IP address with Le VPN’s IP address. And you are done. Now, anonymously enjoy the content of your choice. Unlike free VPN Torrenting, Le VPN assures data security and online anonymity.

When you download movies and shows from websites, there is a chance that the website has malicious content or it can even lead you to hackers. Hence, it is always better to click on websites which are reputed and reliable. Another way to ensure that you are safe is by making use of utorrent VPN option. Le VPN will help you surpass geographic restrictions. So, you can watch your favorite movies and shows without the fear of putting your privacy at risk. You can download Torrents and share P2P files only with Le VPN servers in Canada, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.



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