FBI Wants You To Reboot Your Home Router

FBI Wants You To Reboot Your Home Router

There is a new warning coming in from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). They want you to reboot your home router to stay safe from the Russian malware ‘VPN Filter.’ According to a Cisco cyber security team, minimum 5, 00,000 routers in 54 nations were affected by VPN Filter. Use the best router for VPN to enhance the security of your IoT devices. Le VPN ensures better safety of the devices connected via a router.

About The VPN Filter Malware

Russian state actors, with the group names like Fancy Bear and Sofacy Group, were responsible for a recent malware attack. This targeted owners of small offices and home offices in a bid to wipe away the routers, thereby destroying them and cutting off Internet use. This vicious malware is known as VPN Filter, and it mostly targets consumers at home. Additionally, the malware is capable of monitoring internet traffic, which is a scary proposition.

Boost Your Online Security With A VPN

Well, you must be wondering what is a VPN? A VPN or virtual private network is a technology that allows a person to connect to a network of computers. It cloaks the IP address of the user and offers a degree of anonymity and secrecy while he/she is online. The best router for VPN is an easy and affordable way to ensure the security of all the devices connected via the router.  You can check a list of the best router for VPN on Le VPN’s website. Additionally, Le VPN is compatible with most of the best router for VPN.


Le VPN’s VPN USA offers a fast and secure option to access the internet whether you are living in the country or outside. Above all, subscribing to Le VPN happens to be a transparent process, and with all-in-one pricing, it makes for a seamless experience. If you want confidentiality and security at the same time, opt for Le VPN. Internet use is very heavily monitored in the USA and using this best router for VPN allows you to breathe a little easy. Le VPN’s virtual private network makes use of servers that have AES 256 algorithm. It happens to be a robust security feature and takes away your online worries.

Setting Up The Best Router For VPN

The best router for VPN, Le VPN, is very easy to set up and is intuitive in use. This allows you complete peace of mind while you perform online tasks and office work from home or the workplace.  However, if you are part of a team of professionals, all of you can work in tandem without having to worry about security breaches and data theft.  The best router for VPN gets along well on any mobile, PC or tablet without any glitch or lag in performance.

Firstly, you should strengthen your online security with Le VPN’s VPN service. Secondly, you can stay anonymous with your IP address hidden. Even cases of online identity theft are not uncommon. And using this IP masking solution is the best way to go about things. Therefore, use Le VPN with the best router for VPN to enhance online security of all the internet enabled devices within your house.



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