NSA would also monitor online games

NSA would also monitor online games

According to a new document released by Edward Snowden, the former NSA agent, and published on ProPublica website, online games such as World of Warcraft and Second Life are being monitored, since 2008, by American and British intelligence agencies.

Indeed, according to the document, terrorist and criminal organizations would be using online games to communicate without it being known, to transfer money or prepare attacks. Thus, the spies would have created their own characters to infiltrate the realm of online games and witness possible suspect exchanges.

However, according to the Guardian and the New York Times who analyzed together the document , the secret services have placed so many agents on the case that a group of ” deconfliction ” ( this term refers to military effort put in place to avoid interference or collisions between professionals in the same camp ) had to be created.

Moreover, the company behind World of Warcraft revealed that neither the NSA nor its British counterpart (Government Communications Headquarters) had requested permission to collect information about the players through their game. These agencies approaches create all the more problems than U.S. citizens’ activities cannot be monitored unless justice prior approval. Moreover, according to former intelligence officers and employees of such video game companies, there is no evidence that terrorist groups actually use these platforms to communicate through online game.

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