If Your Mobile Banking App is Secure?

If Your Mobile Banking App is Secure?

Banking apps have made life easier. It helps to carry out the complex banking tasks at the click of a button. However, convenience always comes with a risk. Similarly, banking apps are vulnerable to attacks. Hackers check IP of the users. And once they have the details, accessing your personal information will not be a big deal. Nowadays, we are so dependent on banking apps as they help us to make reservations, book movie tickets, pay utility bills, etc. In such cases, we need to make sure that hackers cannot check IP of the user, which needs to be secure.

The Latest Banking App Flaw

Researchers of the Security and Privacy Group at the University of Birmingham have come across a dangerous implementation defect in major mobile banking applications. The team of researchers tested around 100 iOS and Android banking apps. The issue concerns the vulnerable banking applications, which can allow the hacker to intercept the SSL connection. As a result, the attacker can get the user’s banking details, including username and passwords.

Normally the hackers will check IP in order to determine the exact location of the user. They will then log into the same network as the user. Next, the hackers intercept the SSL connection, and then they will get the banking credentials of the user. The users must note that this is possible, even if the users are making use of the SSL pinning feature, which is one of the ways of doing away with the Man in the middle attacks. Though hackers have multiple ways of reaching your personal data, they have to check IP and hack bank accounts. It is therefore essential to make sure that no hacker can check IP or get crucial user information.

How To Add More Layers Of Protection?

One of the easiest ways to add more security is by opting for a virtual private network, or a VPN. A VPN encrypts your connection, and the third party will not realize what information is being shared online. Again picking a reliable VPN provider is important. There are VPN providers, which offer free services. However, trusting such VPN providers is not a good idea. They may track your online activities and sell it for commercial purposes. That’s not the case with Le VPN.

Le VPN- A Trusted Service Provider

When you opt for Le VPN, your computer system is hidden behind its several VPN servers. And no external threat can penetrate the connection. VPN servers offer an extra solid layer of digital security. This way, you can be sure that your details are not visible by a third party. This VPN service provider does not store the logs of the user.

Le VPN Uses Most Advanced Encryption Protocol – Don’t Let Check IP

Le VPN uses one of the most advanced encryption protocols, the AES-256, which gives you the highest level of security possible. Hence, using Le VPN offers you peace of mind. You can also anonymously browse the internet with Le VPN. You can use any of Le VPN’s IP addresses while working on the internet. This way, it is almost impossible for a hacker or an eavesdropper to check IP of the user. It is very convenient to use Le VPN on smartphones. Le VPN offers customised VPN apps for Android, iOS, and Windows. You just have to subscribe to Le VPN, download the mobile VPN app, and get going with the secured internet connection.

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