Internet security is everyone’s business

Internet security is everyone’s business

Cybercrime is booming, with data hacking, identity theft and other malicious practices that continue to be practiced worldwide.

Our digital lifestyle generates an impressive amount of information 2.5 trillion bytes of data each day. This figure reflects the growing number of computers, sensors and screens that surround us.

The era of “surround computing” improves our quality of life around the world. Cybercriminals manage to steal and use this data to their own benefit.

Individuals, companies governing computer systems or networks, as well as governments have all a role to play.

Collaborations are happening to increase computer protection. AMD, Honeywell, Intel, Lockheed Martin and RSA have teamed up to create the Cyber ​​Security Research Alliance (CSRA), a consortium seeking to provide solutions for the need for collaboration between public and private partnerships to address the issues of cybersecurity.

In Europe, industry groups start working with the European Commission for the promotion of open standards and non-proprietary security, especially for public and private clouds. Cloud Council of DigitalEurope in connection with industry members, seeks to boost cloud computing engine to create more powerful economic growth in Europe, which guarantees data protection and privacy.

Although initial progress has been made, the security risks are evolving rapidly in cyberspace and cannot be managed unilaterally. Data protection is a responsibility that must be shared.

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