Haro on a Blackshades global network

Haro on a Blackshades global network

Two EU agencies, i.e. Europol and Eurojust were on the track of Blackshades, a malware that lets cybercriminals hijack a remote computer.

More than a half-million computers in over 100 countries have been infected by this sophisticated malware.

The police and judicial operation lasted indeed for two days, searching for the inventors, users and vendors of Blackshades RAT malware. More than 80 people suspected of being cybercriminals have been arrested in sixteen countries and three continents. In Europe, arrests took place in France, the Netherlands but also in Germany, Estonia, Great Britain, Austria, Denmark, Croatia, Italy, Finland, Switzerland and Moldova. Some also occurred in Australia, the United States, Canada and Chile.

According to “The Hacker News” website, the FBI may have played an active role in the arrests that took place in Europe and Australia.

In total, nearly 400 homes have been searched: computers, mobile phones, routers, hard drives and USB keys have been taken by the police. While the Eurojust agency coordinated the operation, Europol assisted through its European Centre against Cybercrime.

BlackShades RAT malware can actually take full remote computer control. “Once installed on the victim machine, it enable the BlackShades user to see the files (i.e. documents, pictures), to record the which keys have been used on the keyboard and even to activate the webcam. And all this happens, without the victim even being able to realize anything about it” said Europol. The software also allows you to encrypt folders on a computer on a remote bas, thus preventing the owner’s access, for example for extortion purposes.

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