Exponential Growth On Cards For Internet Of Things

Exponential Growth On Cards For Internet Of Things

The phenomenon of the Internet of Things isn’t really new. It started back in the 90s by John Romkey. Over the years, this internet of things or IoT has changed a lot. IoT now consists of devices much more intelligent than the one devised by Romkey. According to a recent report, the global IoT spend will reach $1.29 trillion in 2020 from $625.2 billion in 2015. The report was put forth by International Data Corporation (IDC), in partnership with US-based IoT service provider Aeris.

What You Need To Know About Internet Of Things

If you are not entirely sure what the IoT is all about, the following section will help you understand:

  • Basically, the Internet of Things is a kind of global community or network connecting a number of devices and people. It is possible through sensors, technology costs, APIs and even connectivity. Although the IoT started back in 1990, it officially came into being in 2008. This happened when people realized that more number of electronic devices were connected to the internet than even people. The number of such internet enabled devices were almost double that of people. It was at this point that the significance of the Internet of Things was understood, and it begun to grow. It was around this time that IoT began to have an effect on the economy as well.
  • This basically refers to the communication lines between various devices and machines through the internet. The products that entail internet of things include simple things like lights and door locks and other appliances. Apart from that, the internet of things really lets us chalk out a pattern of consumerism and the kind of lifestyle we’re leading today. These appliances shape our lives today; the Internet of Things allows us to better connect to them and understand the systems properly.
  • Through the Internet of Things, you will gain control over inanimate objects like your washing machines which are an integral part of our life. You will be able to control these objects through your smartphones and a stable internet connection. You will also be able to gather information about these inanimate objects and then analyze the information obtained.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month:

As you must know, October is the National Cyber Security Awareness Month. In simpler terms, this month, a number of programs and initiatives will be run by organizations to spread awareness about cyber safety, the various threats online and what you can do to stay safe. In this aspect, we must also mention that Le VPN has a special promotional offer this month where you can avail the VPN services for 69 USD for 2 years or 2.87$/month.

For instance, if you forget to switch off the lights at home, you can control them through internet of things. Such a task will be easier if you use free VPN server. That certainly makes your lives a whole lot easier. That is precisely why the IoT market has seen a tremendous growth in the past few years.



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