Follow the impact of cybercrime in real time

Follow the impact of cybercrime in real time

Kaspersky Lab has developed an interactive globe where you can observe in real time all security incidents occurring on our planet. This world map called Cyberthreat Map allows you to check in real time the speed at which some threats are spreading and which countries are the most affected by cybercrime.

With a similar presentation to Google Earth, the Cyberthreat globe can rotate and allow you to zoom in a region for a closer look. Kaspersky Lab actually distinguishes six types of threats, which are identified by different colors on the map. It does track malicious objects found during scans “access” and “on demand” detections by anti -virus on the Web and in e -mails, and attacks identified by vulnerabilities and burglary detection systems.
Meters instantly add up the number of infections while color icons allow you to enable or disable the display of each type of threat.

When you click on a given country, the local situation immediately shows up. According to the site, Russia is currently the first country undergoing the biggest number of cyber-attacks, just before the United States.

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