Feature Upgrades For Windows 10 Mobile

Feature Upgrades For Windows 10 Mobile

There are a number of people who make use of Windows phone. Once you get habitual of using a Windows phone, it becomes very inconvenient to use any other android or apple phones. Windows phones do have some great features. However, Windows users will now get some additional features in their Windows 10 phones. To ensure that your browsing is safe on the Windows phone, opt for Windows VPN service from Le VPN.

Check Out The Amazing New Features Of Windows 10 Mobile

The first new feature is that of two-factor authentication. This is basically to make sure that the user gets better security. There is also a facility to add an extra security layer through MDM. When we talk about security it is always better to opt for Windows VPN. In the new version, Microsoft has improved the features associated with VPN.   Improvements are brought about in the UWP VPN profile, MMS usage with a VPN connection, IKEv2 Sleep and Power tweaks. Some people may feel that there are not many consumer related features. Hopefully in the long run Microsoft will take care of this. But for those who are using windows phone must use the best Windows VPN for better security.

Which Is The Best Windows VPN Provider?

A good Windows VPN provider will make sure that you are safe on a public network. Le VPN offers the best personal VPN for your windows phone. One of the best VPN service provider, Le VPN, will make sure that you are completely safe even on a public network. Your identity is completely safe. You are safe from prying eyes. Also, you can browse anonymously. You can also get rid of geo-restriction problems, no matter where you are. This means that you can access all your favourite websites from any place in the world.

Enhanced Security With Le VPN

Le VPN has servers across different countries. Le VPN do not store the logs of the users. Hence, one can be rest assured that they are completely safe. Le VPN provides software for android, apple and Microsoft users. Our software is compatible with different devices and with different operating systems.

Stay Away From Free VPN Providers

All you need to do is opt for one of the best Le VPN packages. All our packages have competitive pricing. After that, you need to download the software for Windows VPN. It is very easy to download the software and it hardly takes any time. Once you finish the download, you are ready to start using the Windows VPN. There are many companies that provide free virtual private network service. But these are not at all reliable. You need to select a reliable company like Le VPN which will assure you of quality service. You are safe when you are with Le VPN. So, subscribe today for our services.



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