European Council and Microsoft fighting cybercrime together

European Council and Microsoft fighting cybercrime together

The European Council and Microsoft have just signed an agreement concerning their cooperation in the new Cybercrime @ Octopus Microsoft Project.

This project, which will start on January 1st 2014, aims to help countries around the world to implement the European Council Convention on Cybercrime and strengthen data protection and safeguards of the rule of law. The program covers the 2014-2016 period with a few annual conferences on cybercrime.
The cooperation between the European Council and Microsoft, which started in 2006, is part of an overall project that aims at fighting against cybercrime. “Cooperation with the private sector is essential to prevent and combat cybercrime, but also to protect the privacy and other fundamental rights. I also look forward to continuing and developing this partnership established in 2006 with Microsoft, “said Thorbjørn Jagland, European Council General Secretary.

“We are pleased to continue our longstanding partnership with the European Council to promote the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime. Our priority is to create a more reliable and more secure computing more secure environment. We are committed to protect the privacy and security of web users. It is essential to support the work of the European Council to achieve these two objectives” commented Dorothee Belz, the vice president and head of legal affairs of Microsoft Corporation Europe.

Held between December 4th to 6th, the 2013 conference of the European Council Convention on Cybercrime will address among other issues the backup and protection of data for criminal justice or national security  as well as the protection of children against online sexual use. It will gather some representatives of over 100 countries from government and police institutions, international organizations and the Internet industry.

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