UK May End End-To-End Encryption Post Manchester Attack

UK May End End-To-End Encryption Post Manchester Attack

Most of the technology companies, like WhatsApp, make use of end-to-end encryption. This method helps them interact in chat groups. This method of encryption serves the purpose of security. In the end-to-end encryption system, only the participating users can read the messages.

End-To-End Encryption And National Security

Although, this style of communication helps secure your data, it also poses a threat. That’s why the ministers in the UK feel the importance to bring about changes in this concept. The ministers think this communication system allows terrorists to talk in complete secrecy. Hence, it may support put the national security for a toss.

Terror Attack In Manchester

The government is planning to do away the end-to-end encryption after a recent terror attack in Manchester. Regrettably, the attack killed around 22 people and injured several others. The UK government desires telecommunications providers to remove any encryption it applied. As a result, the government will be able to access their customers’ communications.

Moving Forward

The government is intending to enforce Technical Capability Notices (TCNs). According to these TCNs, communication firms which have more than 10,000 users will have to store all the data. They will also have to remove the encryption as and when required. This order is part of the Investigatory Powers Bill, which has received royal consent last year, and where it says the technology firms will have to store the data for one year.

According to a former UK national security adviser, the government and investigation agencies need this type of data. According to him, the recent attacks prove the need for collection of this type of data.

Different Opinions On The Issue

However, according to the director of the Open Rights Group, bypassing the encryption will make the security of the products of these companies weaker. And this in turn will put people at higher risk. At the same time, criminal minded people may take advantage of this situation. Some even feel that this can lead to an international dispute. And therefore, the government must evaluate all the angles before taking the final call on the bill against end-to-end encryption.

The Other Side

There are two sides of the coin. With the recent attacks, the government is trying to enforce strict measures. These measures will ensure that they can nab culprits. Whereas, for the tech firms, it can mean problems with the security of their products. This is because such changes can make people all the more vulnerable. However, everyone will surely agree that dreadful attacks like that in Manchester concert need not repeat.

End-To-End Encryption For Individual Safety

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