Cybercrime is also where you do not expect it

Cybercrime is also where you do not expect it

Trend Micro security firm just released its safety report for the first quarter of 2014.

As cybercriminals always aim at maximizing their gain, they keep on developing new advanced techniques and diversifying their targets. This report entitled “Cybercrime Hits the Unexpected” describes how cybercriminals now switch to unusual targets: they do work on advanced techniques for targeting payment terminals or exploiting natural and human disasters.

According to Trend Micro security researchers, some piracy cases concerning payment terminals were reported in the United States, especially in the retail and hospitality sectors.

As for malware, Trend Micro sees a rising number of banking malware, with new types of malware and advanced techniques which cannot even be detected. Bitcoin maturing as a currency has also attracted more cybercriminals.

The mobile sector is also booming and continues to see new threats. Trend Micro points out that mobile threat is growing at an even faster pace in 2013: the total number of mobile malware and risk applications have reached 2 million for the first quarter of 2014 only.

In addition, the security cabinet is concerned about the creation of a new generation of malware targeting connected objects, in which researchers have discovered significant vulnerabilities.

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