Le VPN To Curb Cyber Crime

Le VPN To Curb Cyber Crime

Viruses, malware, data thefts, hacking are common these days. We all know cyber crime is on the rise. There is a need of stringent steps to curb these crimes. A number of countries are taking active measures to put an end to this menace.

Kenya And Australia Against Cyber Crime

Kenya: Among African countries, Kenya is actually doing a lot. Their National Kenya Computer Incident Response Team Coordination Centre is dedicated to the cause of reducing cyber crime. Kenya has instituted which help in training against cyber crime. The course fees of this institute are pretty low. Among 100+ locations, Kenya is ranked fourth for readiness in cyber crime. In Africa it is ranked 4th.

Australia: The Australian defence force has a new unit. The responsibility of this unit is to fight cyber criminals and to protect the military infrastructure. The Australian Government want to disrupt these offshore cyber criminals completely. They do not want to take defensive measures. Instead, they want to fight these criminals. Any member of the Australian defence force who has the right qualities get training for this.

Steps To Avoid Cyber Crime

Of course, governments of different countries are already trying to fight these criminals. However, at an individual level, you can keep yourself and your business protected. The recent ransomware attack is a proof that businesses are the main targets of hackers. You can use a Virtual Private Network or VPN to keep you safe. These days’ smartphones are not only used for calling, but for reading emails, downloading stuff, etc. Therefore, it is important that you take measures for mobile security.  

Le VPN For Mobile Security

No doubt! A virtual private network take care of this as well. Service providers like Le VPN have apps for your mobile phones as well. The downloading and installation of these apps is very easy. A VPN helps in protecting your privacy. It also keeps you secure even when you are on a public network. One can easily use the hotspot.

Le VPN offers software that is compatible with all types of devices. As a result, you can install Le VPN on a smartphone with any type of operating system. Le VPN has servers in 100+ locations. So you can easily use Le VPN even when you are travelling to a different country. With Le VPN you can download anonymously. You can also easily bypass geo restriction.

Cyber criminals are finding new ways of attacking internet users and businesses. These crimes are not just harmful to the individual, but they pose a threat to the entire country. Therefore, countries like Kenya and Australia are trying to tackle these issues. In addition, there is a need for concrete steps to fight such crimes on a global level.



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