China Plans Ban On VPN Services By 2018

China Plans Ban On VPN Services By 2018

VPN services are becoming popular day-by-day. There are too many benefits of a VPN service. This is true in the case of country with strict internet censorship. Not just for laptops, you can also use these services on the go. The Mobile VPN applications are specially designed for your smartphones. These services are compatible with almost all the operating systems.

What Is The Need Of A VPN Service?

With Le VPN, you can easily overcome Geo-restriction and government censorship. Therefore, it allows you to watch your favourite shows and sports events anywhere in the world. VPN services also help in keeping the identity of the user secure. You can browse anonymously and without revealing your identity. Le VPN’s Mobile VPN helps the user remain secure even while on the go. We also offer the best VPN for Mac. In fact Le VPN is one of the best virtual private network service providers. It provides the best services for all types of devices and for all types of operating systems.

China’s Great Firewall

The highest internet censorship, perhaps is in China. The nation already implements strict laws concerning the internet and websites like Google, Facebook, and Twitter.  This internet censorship in China is known as the Great Firewall. However, many users use a VPN or mobile VPN to overcome this problem. The internet censorship is mainly to keep the communist party’s hold in China. The country has only three internet service providers and all of them are state owned. The internet censorship is to block any kind of negative information about the ruling party.

China Plans Ban On Mobile VPN By 2018

Apart from the general websites, China is now eyeing a ban on virtual private networks as well. The ruling party has asked all the three telecommunication companies to block virtual private network services in China by February 2018. These three companies are: China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom.

China Takes Data Safety Seriously

This will include all services including mobile VPN services. According to experts, this escalation is a clear indication of the desperation of the ruling party. They do not want any information against the ruling party to be released in China. They also do not want any information that is released outside China to get filtered into the country. Therefore, the reason behind this step is to maintain the security of their data.

Too Much Dependency On A VPN

Foreign businesses active in China rely too much on virtual private networks. However, it is still unclear if this ban will include these foreign business houses. Where this will lead to only time will tell.



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