The world map of most visited sites

The world map of most visited sites

Through the public service data Internet traffic Alexa, the Oxford Internet Institute’s Information Geographies blog has developed a map of the most popular websites by country .

This little globe of some colonial style shows that Google and Facebook dominate the global Internet, however, it reveals some interesting exceptions.

Thus, in the Palestinian territories, the al-Watan voice newspaper is the most visited site. Yahoo! still has some entrenched camps in Japan and Taiwan, while in Russia, the search engine Yandex dominates the digital arena.

There are still unexplored territories: Alexa indeed lacks of some information on countries with small populations using the Internet, for example in Africa sub-Saharan parts.

But let us pause for a moment in China, where the Chinese search engine Baidu is the most popular site in the country, its record be partially attributed to the government. Indeed, it seems that Chinese officials have acted to limit the market share of Google to promote Baidu and other local businesses. To date, Baidu controls around 80 % of the Chinese search market. According to Alexa data, it has also recently become the market leader in South Korea.

But don’t think the Google giant has too many weaknesses. It is the most visited site in 62 of the 120 countries surveyed. The researchers also noted that “among the 114 countries where Facebook is the most visited site, in 36 of them Google stands second, and in the other 14 were YouTube (which also belongs to Google).”

These Internet world companies have unlimited power and enjoy some sort of monopoly that allows them to control a lot of data on the Internet, as recent changes from Google and Facebook in the use of personal data for advertising purposes reminded us.

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