Unblock websites, bypass Internet restrictions

Unblock Websites and Bypass Internet Restrictions

How to Unblock Websites and Bypass Internet Restrictions with Le VPN

Have you ever been browsing the internet at work only to find that a site you want to visit is blocked? Perhaps you’ve tried to visit Facebook or check your Gmail only to discover the system administrator is restricting access.

This can be incredibly frustrating – and seem incredibly unfair. However, there’s good news: These restrictions are easy to bypass when you take advantage of one simple tool – a virtual private network connection. Here’s a look at how to unblock websites using a virtual private network.

Discover the Power of a VPN

A virtual private network is the key to unlocking the sites you want to visit, bypassing any restrictions and using the internet freely – the way it was meant to be used. Also known as a VPN, a virtual private network server protects all your browsing and masks it from any third parties attempting to monitor where you’re visiting.

How does a VPN work? The VPN essentially makes your IP address anonymous so your visits to any restricted sites don’t register with the third party trying to block you. As an added benefit, the use of a VPN also makes your browsing safer.

You may have encountered VPNs before at work, where they’re used to connect remotely to internal servers, or at a school or another organization. While many use VPNs in a work setting, few realize that they can use a VPN to unblock websites. A VPN connection is available through subscription services – and it can be used to skirt restrictions and go wherever you need to go online.

For Work, Travel and Anywhere You Need Access

It’s not just companies that restrict access to certain websites – entire countries censor websites and social media platforms. The frustration you feel when trying to visit a site at work only to find it’s blocked is the same frustration you’ll feel when traveling abroad only to find that Netflix, Facebook, Google or other sites are censored.

A VPN connection helps in each of these situations. A simple, affordable subscription through a VPN provider like Le VPN opens up a new world of possibilities. It allows you to visit the sites you want at work and when traveling – or even to skirt blackout restrictions when you want to watch your favorite sports team online.

The moment you establish a connection with one of our VPN servers, your traffic becomes uncontrolled by your system administrator, provider or any other intermediate network agents. We have servers located around the world, so there’s always one that can provide access to the sites you want to visit and the content you want to consume. Get the access you want, as well as the safe and secure browsing protection you need.

Don’t let censorship and restrictions hold you back from using the internet the way you want. Get an effective VPN connection from Le VPN for a simple, affordable subscription rate. Your VPN connection through Le VPN will be compatible with a majority of operating systems – including Windows and Mac – as well as through a smartphone application that gives you the same access and protection when browsing on an iPhone, iPad, Android and similar devices. No longer do you have to worry about how to bypass internet restrictions. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to use the internet the way you want.

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