Stay Alert! Websites Are Tracking Your Each Keystroke

Stay Alert! Websites Are Tracking Your Each Keystroke

Strong VPN ensures online safety and masks your IP address.

Today, if you go and randomly search for cheap hotels in a certain city, you’d notice how names and links of various hotels in the same city turn up on almost every website you visit. How does that happen? Does that mean websites are tracking you? Well, that’s the case. Most websites today have a tracking system in place. This is part of their advertising and marketing scene.

About 500 Websites Track Every Keystroke

According to a study from Princeton University, more than 480 websites track every keystroke you make on their website. That means, every scroll, every click, every mouse movement is being tracked. While this may seem creepy to you, this is actually an efficient means of studying customer behaviour.

Yes! Web tracking is not a good news for users. As unwanted ads keep creeping up all the times when you are searching for any important information online. Le VPN’s strong VPN can help you mask your IP address. And, advertisers cannot track you. As a result, you are safe from their retargeting efforts.

What Exactly Is Web Tracking?

Following are some things you need to know about web tracking:

Imagine the web tracking system to be like a follower that follows you as you move from one site to another, tracking every click, every scroll and basically tracking the digital footprint that you leave behind. Based on the information obtained through this tracking, advertisers can understand customer behaviour. This information helps the advertisers and marketers to predict customer behaviour and boost their business.

Well, as already said, most companies and websites track your activities online. But how do they do it? On what grounds? If the techniques used are legal? Mostly, these companies track your search and browsing history. Then they analyse this data to get the useful information. So, that’s pretty much what you need to know about web tracking. However, using a strong VPN service could help you avoid such trackers.

Strong VPN To Avoid Web Tracking

A VPN is one way of evading such web tracking. A VPN service is one where your internet services are routed off to another geographical location. Similarly, a VPN router helps all the internet-enabled devices to keep safe from online threats like hackers.

Wondering how a strong VPN keeps your identity hidden? Well, in the case of a strong VPN service, tracking your real geographical location would be next to impossible. Your location is routed off to another location, thus hiding the original identity from the web trackers. This is particularly useful if you want to browse websites in the incognito mode.

Watch Live Sports Streaming With Le VPN

Many a times it happens that you are travelling to a location where your favourite sports is inaccessible. E.g. you are a diehard fan of F1 race. However, F1 live stream isn’t possible at your location. In such a case, Le VPN comes to your rescue. You can unblock the website or TV channel with F1 live streaming and that too anonymously. As Le VPN hides your original IP, your identity is kept secret.

Top Notch Security With Le VPN

Also, in the case of a strong VPN service, the data is in an encrypted format. In most cases, the service providers do not encrypt the data, making it vulnerable. With Le VPN, your data is absolutely secure. So, you wouldn’t have to worry about web trackers tracing your footsteps.

With so many benefits, Le VPN is the reliable, affordable and easy to use VPN service. So, hurry, and subscribe to Le VPN today.



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