Smartphone’s Batteries Can Expose User’s Privacy

Smartphone’s Batteries Can Expose User’s Privacy

Security experts have found a worrying vulnerability in the batteries of modern smartphones, as just how much battery you have left could potentially open up hackers to intrude on your privacy. The claim has come from a group of researchers who found it to be possible to track someone with nothing but their remaining battery power. The problem lies in the code of HTML5, a feature that is used by websites to determine the battery life of the user’s device, which can then be used to determine the user’s location. As smartphone’s batteries can expose user’s privacy, experts warn it could lead to bigger implications.

When a website analyses a user’s battery usage, it is supposed to simply disable other features that could potentially drain the battery more, so its original application is that of a helpful one. Its potential sinister use can be more damage though, as the data that the website collects is surprisingly far more detailed than expected. Not only does it see the current device’s battery life and duration, but also the time remaining before the battery dischargers, as well as the percentage remaining. With both of these figures user’s position can be tracked.

Another implication is that if a user browses online through a VPN or private browsing, their location and identity are usually hidden or untraceable, but with this glitch, it might still be possible to actually reinstate cookies on the user’s browser or reveal their identity. There have been no further word from developers or companies in relation to a possible fix but one that will surely be patched soon.

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