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Why To Choose Paid VPN Services?

In matters of technology, it is always better to turn to a reliable service provider as compared to less-known options at cheaper services. For example, VPN services come in both free and paid versions. And people are mostly in two minds as what to choose. Hence, it is important to do a VPN test before

Apple Release Fix for Broken Links Bug on iOS

After a bug on Apple’s iOS was discovered which led to devices locking up, drained batteries and links to be completely inoperative, a fix has been released. As Apple release fix for broken links bug on iOS, the problem which was due to third-party apps which were programmed wrong, caused issues with a core component of iOS.

Samsung and Huawei Fingerprint Scanners Hacked By Printer

Fingerprint scanners on phones were supposed to herald in a new age of security, replacing password entries. But the new technology took a step backwards as it was found that Samsung and Huawei fingerprint scanners hacked by printer. Researchers from Michigan State University found that by using simple methods, involving an off the shelf inkjet printer

Apple VS FBI Battle is Taken to Congress

In the latest battle between privacy and security, the ongoing dispute over unlocking the San Bernardino shooters phone has finally stepped up a gear and entered Congress to settle the dispute. As the Apple vs FBI battle is taken to Congress during a five hour ordeal ended in a somewhat victory for Apple and privacy.