Russian Hackers Stream Private Webcams

Russian Hackers Stream Private Webcams

The UK is now taking action against a website as Russian hackers stream private webcams from around the world. The website based in Russia, has been broadcasting live webcam feeds from all over the world, including British homes, offices and gyms. Access to these live streams came as they were all unprotected and easily accessible from those who know where to look. The website broadcasted many live streams of various unsecured webcams from Britain, France, the US and other countries. Security cameras used by both the public and businesses have been made available to view on the website. Security fears rise and yet another call for increased awareness online as Russian hackers stream private webcams.

Many people use remote access to webcams as a means of safety, to keep any eye on the house when away for example, but the irony is that by doing so leaves them more exposed as anyone can also view that same feed. Baby monitors with cameras are also susceptible to viewing across the internet. The route of these problems lie in the poor security implemented by the users, most of the streams are accessed by either default login details or no security at all.

The most important thing to do is if you have to setup a remote feed for your webcam, to make sure a strong password is set, as with everything you do online, make sure a strong security measure is in place. The problem is that many of these webcams come unprotected, or a simple default password, and the webcams rely on the user to setup the security features themselves.

Worryingly, these hackers did not have to do much to access these streams, as many of these live feeds are simply accessible after a quick Google search. As a means to make remote viewing as simple as possible, the companies have made it relatively easy for anyone to view the feeds.

The UK hopes to shut down the website broadcasting these streams as it takes international action. But unfortunately this action will not solve much, in its place several websites will appear offering the same links. It is until people take online security more seriously if they value their own privacy. Whatever you do online, make sure you protect yourself and take the required steps to both safeguard yourself and your data online.

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