Russian Telecom Watchdog Temporarily Blocks Google

Russian Telecom Watchdog Temporarily Blocks Google

Use anonymous IP to bypass the internet ban in Russia.

As you must already know, the search giant Google is available in a number of versions in different countries. Google is mostly localized completely or partly for many countries. This also means that it is available in local languages. For instance, in Russia, the search engine is commonly found in the form of

Russia Temporarily Bans Google Russia

However, Moscow’s internet watchdog Roskomnadzor has put a ban on Google Russia. It is well known that Russia has stringent policies when it comes to internet censorship. A while back, Russia passed a new bill that blocks all the illegal sites. Even the service providers who were providing access to these illegal sites faces ban in Russia. In this case, login through an anonymous IP is a good option.

So, What Was the Case?

The issue surfaced when many internet users were unable to access Google Russia. When the users tried to open the Google page, they were sent to an online gambling domain. Hence, many local internet service providers (ISP) started to block the access to  Actually, in the course of tracking and blocking these websites, Rozkomnadzor came across certain illegal websites which redirected to the IP address of Google.

It Was Just a Temporary Ban

As soon as the Google ban issue came up, Rozkomnadzor launched an official statement. In which, it claimed that the Google ban was nothing but a temporary phenomenon. It also stated that they were aware of these persisting problems. According to the statement, the statement also read that there weren’t any technical issues, as many feared.

In reality, it was the betting and gambling company Maximalism, which was on the target list for Rozkomnadzor. This site automatically redirected to Google Russia. And, as a result, Rozkomnadzor added Google Russia to a blacklist. Despite the raised concerns, the block on Google Russia lasted only for a brief period of two hours. As soon as the problem raised its head, Rozkomnadzor removed Google Russia from the blacklist. Whereas, Rozkomnadzor lifted the ban after Google complied all its legal obligations in the nation.

Use Anonymous IP To Bypass Restrictions

As a matter of fact, this is a lesson for future situations. You can unblock the blocked websites in case you want to use anonymous IP address. For example, if you want to access a website banned by your government, you can use UK VPN to bypass such restrictions.

However, are you aware that you can also access a secured connection from your iPhone or iPad? Are you wondering how you can do it and what is VPN on iPhone? The answer is simple. You can connect to an anonymous IP through a VPN. A virtual private network or a VPN encrypts your internet connection and you can have a safe browsing. Le VPN offers one of the best VPN services for iPhone. The service provider also allows you to hide your identity and login anonymously. So, if you are in Russia and want to access any censored websites, Le VPN is the best way out.



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