Panasonic Eyes Iot Sector

Panasonic Eyes Iot Sector

Even though Internet of Things (IoT) is taking momentum, we are witnessing growing security concerns. On one hand, IoT looks very exciting. However, threats concerning IoT security are becoming an issue of concern.

Panasonic Eyes Big Iot Market Share

Panasonic needs no introduction. This Japanese giant is around since past 99 years. The company is known for its television and other such home appliances. However, now it is all set to take up a new task. Panasonic now aims to become one of the biggest companies dealing in IoT security.

Panasonic Systems Solutions Oceania

The company Panasonic wants to do more than just home appliances. Their laptops and tablets are already widely used. Panasonic’s internal start-up, Panasonic Systems Solutions Oceania (PSSOC), wants the company to lead the IoT sector.

PSSOC now wants to come up with software which will help connect the devices or gadgets, which the company already manufactures. This is the reason that the company wants to venture into the world of IoT. When we talk about IoT, IoT security comes into a picture automatically. According to the managing director of PSSOC, the company will mainly work on facial recognition algorithm, which is present in the company’s security cameras.

Connected Homes

Finally, the vision of connected homes is turning into a reality. People are adopting smart devices in every nook of the home. Be it security camera, censored doors, weather updates, smart phones, etc. The everyday issues are forcing people to look for smart solutions. Although the future of IoT looks exciting, many of us still wonder what it means. This concept of ‘Connected Homes’ is likely to become a major contributing factor for IoT security.

A VPN Can Help with Iot Security

Once we connect home appliances to the internet, they become vulnerable to cyber threats like hacking. By and large, we do not want to put the security of your home appliances for a toss. Therefore, it’s wise to opt for a secure network connection. In this scenario, a virtual private network or a VPN serves the purpose. But, what is a VPN?

Go for A Trusted VPN

There are many VPN service providers, who offer free services. But you have to think twice when selecting a VPN provider for your smart home. Le VPN offers you the safe and fast connection. No need to worry about the security when you are using a VPN app, a VPN for MAC, or others.  Le VPN encrypts the internet connection on your computers, laptops mobiles, tablets, and other VPN-enabled devices.

Enhanced Security

Le VPN ensures that the internet traffic passes through an encrypted VPN tunnel. We also make sure that you are able to change and hide your IP address. As a result, you can hide your identity. Due to enhanced security offered by Le VPN, your data and devices are safe, even though they are a part of IoT.



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