The NSA bought hacking tools from VuPEN

The NSA bought hacking tools from VuPEN

The NSA just confirmed to have signed a contract with VuPEN to receive data on IT system vulnerabilities. One might think that the NSA, as VuPEN does as well as many companies specialized in computer security, operated forums, newsletters and private spaces dedicated to cracks to be informed about the latest developments in vulnerabilities. The NSA has been actually paying thousands of dollars to receive analyzes from different entities. The U.S. site MuckRock mentioned that the NSA has signed a contract to receive from the French company VuPEN (Ex. K- Otik , FrSIRT ) hacking tools and information on vulnerabilities targeting browsers and other web tools.

Using the Freedom of Information Act law, for being able to be informed and to inform the public about the actions of federal agencies, MuckRock recently called the NSA information VUPEN . The agency responded by providing a one-year contract, signed in 2012 but has deleted some information on the file. The NSA said that this was done to protect its agents.

VuPEN is proud on its so-called know-how: marketing its findings to governments requesting its services, winning a contest for vulnerabilities set up by Chrome but refusing the $ 60 000 prize offered by Google to unveil the measures implemented to update the flaws in question…

Surprisingly enough, only a few weeks after the contract with the NSA was signed in September 2012, VuPEN announced to have found a vulnerability in Windows 8 and offered to sell it to the highest bidder. Eric Filiol, an expert in cryptography who is part of the French open source antivirus project, later indicating in Le Monde that Vupen is ” one of the French technological jewels “. Some cybercriminals announced one year ago a piracy on VuPEN and 130 0day. A second one that the VuPEN company had also suffered cyberattacks, which the French company of course denied.

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