Mobile Internet Use On Rising in Southeast Asia

Mobile Internet Use On Rising in Southeast Asia

Amidst the growing number of online hacking attacks, it is vital to keep yourself secure. But do you know how vulnerable you become when you connect to a Wifi or hotspots in public places? Such connections are not very secure, and it is an open invitation to hackers. Through such insecure internet connection, hackers or eavesdroppers can easily infiltrate your system. Using a secured connection with a VPN is an easy and affordable solution. Do you know how does VPN work?

There are so many apps available on the market today. And mobile apps are more convenient to use. You can use mobile banking, mobile ticketing, mobile shopping, etc. That too on the go. However, this convenience also brings the fears of online threats. Hence, you need a solution to secure your system and data. Hence, it is important that you use a reliable VPN provider and understand how does VPN work to ensure your online safety.

Mobile Internet In Southeast Asia

A report by Google and Singapore’s Temasek Holdings highlights the surprising figures concerning Southeast Asia. According to the report, the internet drive will help Southeast Asia’s internet economy to surpass USD 200 billion by 2025. In Japan, people spend one hour on the mobile internet daily. Whereas, in the US and UK, people spend 2 and 1.8 hours on mobile internet respectively. However, in Southeast Asia, users spend the maximum time, i.e., an average 3.6 hours on the mobile Internet.

Why A VPN Connection?

The chance of crucial personal information falling into the wrong hands is pretty high. Therefore, people prefer to use a virtual private network. Before we understand how does VPN work? Having a mobile VPN will ensure better online privacy and security. Learn more about how does VPN work, and secure your data.

Let’s Understand How Does VPN Work?

Make sure that you select a reliable VPN provider. Subscribe to Le VPN and download mobile VPN software on your device. Select the region of your choice. And you are ready to use Le VPN on your mobile phone. The hackers and online eavesdroppers can easily determine whats my IP location. Le VPN allows you to select Le VPN’s IP address from 100+ locations. This will help you browse anonymously, and your security will not be at risk. You can unblock US websites by using Le VPN’s US IP. Therefore, you can unblock US websites from anywhere in the world.

Le VPN’s Mobile Apps

Le VPN is compatible with almost all the devices and operating systems. They have customised VPN apps for Android and Apple users. So, one can easily remain safe on the move. Your online security is not at risk even if you are using public Wi-Fi connection. Le VPN does not store the logs of the users. All the data is encrypted, and hence there is no problem with the security of the user.

Above all, Le VPN’s VPN service is very easy to use and affordable. You can avail 2-year Le VPN plan for $69.60. So, act soon and secure your mobile with Le VPN.



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