Latest Cyber Attack Calls for Stronger Security

Latest Cyber Attack Calls for Stronger Security

As yet another high profile cyber attack takes place, almost on a monthly basis now, IT experts around the world are pushing for stronger regulations as a means to tackle the ever growing problem of cyber crime. The Talk Talk data breach, the company’s third hack in the past 12 months already, is just another case to add to the Sony Pictures hack last year, the US government’s continued struggles with data breaches, the Ashley Madison dating website fiasco and countless more. After the latest cyber attack calls for stronger security, experts are warning that the attacks will only escalate and identity fraud will continue to rise and affect more people.

The real issue with this particular breach is that it is the kind of attack that leaves a lasting damage; identity fraud. Where credit card details, albeit equally as troubling, are a short term problem that can be fixed relatively easy. But with identity fraud, if hackers obtain a variety of personal details such as names, addresses, date of birth or any other personal information, the long term problems are endless. The hardest part of identity fraud is preventing the damage after the hack has happened. This is exactly the concern of the millions of Talk Talk customers who potentially have their personal data exposed.

IT experts are calling for regulators to enforce ‘US style’ powers in an effort to combat the growing number of online fraud. This kind of fraud can be harmful as the criminals have the capability to open new bank accounts, take out loans, credit cards and anything else that just requires personal information. The victim won’t even be aware its happened until the authorities notify them of all the outstanding debt accrued, but punishments must be severe for the companies who are entrusted with their customers data. This is what experts are calling for, if the punishments are more severe, then companies will ensure the customers data is priority.

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