Cyber Attack Exposes Talk Talk Customer’s Details

Cyber Attack Exposes Talk Talk Customer’s Details

After the first attack back in December of last year when over 2.4million customers were accessed by a third party, compromising customer’s accounts, which included both internet and phone contract customers. It was later found out that a contractor, who had legitimate access to customer data, was behind the data breach. Another attack took place in August, where a sophisticated breach of security. And today, it was announced that a cyber attack exposes Talk Talk customer’s details yet again.

The Metropolitan police are currently investigating the attack, where angry customers took to Twitter to complain about the hack and Talk Talk’s failure to notify customers quick enough. With over four million customers in the UK, it is still not known the extent of the damage, and how much information has been accessed. The attack took place on Wednesday, and since then Talk Talk have confirmed that customer’s details have been compromised but did not know the extent of the breach. They warn customers that bank details as well as credit card details could have been exposed. Personal details including names, addresses and telephones numbers are also said to have been exposed.

Talk Talk have warned customers to keep an eye on their accounts and to report anything suspicious to their banks as well as Action Fraud, the UK’s centre for fraud reporting. And after bogus calls to customers during the last data breach, customers are again warned about taking unsolicited calls where bank details and account details are asked. Talk Talk were first notified of the attack when ‘unusual’ activity was spotted on Wednesday and it is still not known who is behind the attack. But motives are fairly obvious, as Talk Talk boast more than four million customers, where sensitive data has to be stored.

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