Internet is omniscient

Internet is omniscient

Your internet activity is permanently stored. Photos, videos, email address, posted messages on social networks expose you to everyone for years. Let’s have a look at your e- reputation. You may be a bit surprised …

We do not realize how our digital lives is traceable … For all that is published on the Internet as social networks (photos, videos, comments, etc. . ) is recorded, analyzed by the search engines, stored before reappearing when a user launch a request. If you think that companies HR often investigate the Web to learn more about the candidates’ profiles, it is better to identify what a potential employer might learn from your life.

First Google your name by entering your name and surname as “Mary Smith” or “Smith Mary”, within quotes to restrict the number of results. Browse answers then click More News and search to show only the recently updated pages, or Discussions about what you may have posted on forums … You may find photos of you as well as links to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, … Some may involve homonyms. But the relevance of the results and the number of correct links already give a first overview of your presence on the web. Remember that anyone can launch the same search: your manager, your banker, your friend (s), your neighbor …

You can choose to activate a Google alert for your name on to be notified as soon as any information about you is being released. Enter your first and last name and email address. Scroll down the list Matches, then enable all the results and click on Create Alert. You shall then receive an email whenever Google detects an article, a comment or a picture about you.

Go on by visiting Enter your first and last name in the text box and click on Search. The results are divided into different categories. The Link section refers to websites where your name associated with any publications. White pages display your address and telephone numbers. If you have posted multimedia content, they shall appear in the Images and Videos section. Everything is notified including the social networks that you use, but also your blogs, e- mail addresses …
For more information , you can also go to the site, developed by a young French start- up . Click the Member tab and enter your name and click Measure. The interest Youseemii is to establish a global visibility index based on a scale of 1-100 Internet. This index is the average of 4 specific indices: web presence, social networking, media and professional networks. In the left column, you can click on the overall index to discover the graph summarizing your digital visibility. goes further and proposes to perform a free real time saver on the information about you that may be broadcast over the Internet. Click Register and Join. Then use the registration form, fill in the various fields and click OK. Enter your name in the subject and confirm.

You can also use some of the interesting existing e-reputation management tools.

Just be careful on what you post on the Internet and to whom you publish it. On Facebook, for example, restrict your post to your friends only and not to everyone and make sure that people you no longer consider as friends in the real world are no longer you friends on Facebook either!

The best way to limit the traces you leave on the Internet is to use a VPN service. A VPN reduces your online movements by replacing your routing information: your IP address will be replaced by an anonymous IP address. Our secure DNS servers keep secret queries you make, so that no one can take a look at your browsing history.

Your Internet connection is encrypted with a top secret level system which protects you against hackers and ears trying to listen or obtain sensitive information about you.

Your computer is hidden behind the numerous VPN servers: when you are connected to the VPN, no one can access your computer without passing through the protected VPN servers.



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