The Guardian website blocked in China

The Guardian website blocked in China

On January 8th, website announced that the British newspaper The Guardian website was inaccessible in China since January 6th.

Access to the British newspaper, The Guardian website is blocked in China for unknown reasons, according to the newspaper. “We are concerned that has been blocked in China. The reasons for this are still unclear,” said the newspaper’s spokesman.

The newspaper, whose website is one of the most popular in the world, said it has not recently published any controversial article about this country. “None of the articles on China published in the last two days could not be clearly perceived as dangerous by the country’s leadership,” as the newspaper explained on its website.

An article published on January 6th explored the tensions in the ethnically divided Xinjiang (northwest) region, but the Guardian had already covered the topic before, without any negative effect.

The Guardian spokesman said in a press release that officials of the newspaper were “currently assessing the importance of this blockage.” “We hope that the access to our website will get back to normal in the very near future,” she said.

However, according to the newspaper, mobile phone and iPad applications were still accessible on January 8th. Foreign media censorship is common in China, where several media websites including the New York Times and Bloomberg websites have been blocked after sensitive revelations on Chinese leaders getting rich.

Reporters Without Borders is concerned about this act of censorship, which could be a sign at the beginning of 2014 of the continuation of a censorship and discrimination policy for the foreign press, which was further strengthened in recent months.

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