A European law draft on Internet neutrality

A European law draft on Internet neutrality

The “internet neutrality” has been recognized in a vote by the European Parliament. This law still has to go before the commission before being finally voted, but it would guarantee the neutrality of the Internet.

On April 4th, the European Parliament passed a bill in favor of equal access without discrimination to the internet, what is commonly called the “net neutrality”.

This text must still be approved by the European Council, which represents the 28 members of the European Union. And if each State endorses it, it will still have to be submitted to the next European Parliament, whose representatives will be elected in May.

MEPs have actually voted by a large majority for the internet service providers (ISPs ) cannot block or slow competitors’ internet services.

Thus, an ISP could no longer voluntarily slow down a competitor’s VOD services to favor its own. It can always offer specialized services to end users such as video on demand, cloud … , but only if they do not affect the availability or quality of internet access services offered by other companies or services.

However, this text provides exceptional cases, proposed by the European Commission, but their number has been reduced. The only three cases that allow service providers to block or slow internet concerns the implementation of a court order, the preservation of the integrity and security of the network and the limitation of a temporary network congestion.

Moreover, these measures traffic management should be transparent, non-discriminatory and proportionate. The text adopted by the European Parliament states that they should not be kept longer than necessary.

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