A day of action against the NSA in the U.S.

A day of action against the NSA in the U.S.

American people held on February 11th a day of protest to show their opposition to the permanent and pernicious surveillance set up by their government and the NSA: it is called The Day We Fight Back. This action was initially launched by the group Demand Progress which fights against Internet censorship. This also brought together many other organizations, such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

When announcing this action last January, these organizations have asked citizens to contact their elected officials to complain about the draconian policy of the government. This led to more than 71,000 telephone calls made to  Congress members and 140,000 e-mails or tweets sent to them.

Showing their opposition to the widespread surveillance of communications of American citizens – and indeed a good part of the rest of the planet, they hope to show their commitment to the USA Freedom Act legislation, which would slow somewhat NSA’s strengths.

Indeed, many U.S. Internet giants, including those installing and managing networks, remained rather silent on this issue. But others mentioned that they back up such protests. Microsoft, Google, AOL, Yahoo, Twitter and Apple have expressed their wish that the U.S. government will control its temper on the Net.

Other demonstrations were also held in major U.S. cities and 15 countries worldwide. However, the core protests were mostly on the Internet according to the EFF: in the USA, 250,000 Americans contacted their representatives in Congress during the day for them to share their opposition to this policy of widespread monitoring imposed by the U.S. government to its citizens. In addition, more than 6,000 websites have expressed their support or displayed a banner “The Day We Fight Back” on their homepage.

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