Cybercrime, a difficult threat to assess

Cybercrime, a difficult threat to assess

Cyber​​attacks are increasing, via internet scams are becoming more sophisticated as criminals are refining their attacks like true professionals : Cybercrime has never been so heavy and menacing , while specialists are struggling to determine its extent.

“Cybercrime statistics are not operating. Sometimes you multiply these numbers by ten, because people are not aware of being a victim but also because some of them, such as companies, are reluctant to file a complaint as they fear it may have some bad impact on their image”, said Lieutenant -Colonel Philippe Mirabeau , in charge of cybersecurity within French police.

The French National Observatory for crime and criminal responses (ONDRP) admits that the offenses recorded by the police do not represent “a direct measure of phenomena related to cybercrime “.

In its latest review, the ONDRP saw a sharp rise in fraudulent access or maintain a system of automated data processing, common in data theft concerning companies, which amounted to 1,427 ​​in 2012 against 419 in 2009 ( +240 % ) .

The ONDRP evaluates the targeted increase to 42% in 2012 in the cyberworld , with  criminals targeting more and more small businesses and subcontractors to achieve higher numbers.

“Before, we used to meet on the battlefield, now it’s on the net”, said Jean- Marc Grémy .

Governements are also concerned. In 2012, during the G20 French presidency, the state house and the Ministry of Finance were targeted by a major cyberattack. Such major attacks occurred in several countries, including Estonia, the United States and Canada.

These risks are even more serious as organized criminal groups, who used to be professionals in narcotics, vehicles or prostitution are now evolving to cybercrime, which is much more lucrative with less criminal risks.

Moreover, criminal networks are becoming more professional, seeking to recover some computer scientists, who were economic victims and are likely to put their skills to their service termination.

“We cannot just focus on the alleged facts. We need to have a broader, more transverse response, allowing us to anticipate such new forms of cyber threats ,” said the experts of the Central Directorate police ( DCPJ ) .

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