Canadian Prime Minister Supports Net Neutrality

Canadian Prime Minister Supports Net Neutrality

Best VPNs are more popular than ever. And at a time when the US government is planning to scrape the concept of net neutrality, you will need best VPNs to access the internet. The concept of net neutrality has always sparked a lot of debate. And leaders around the world also don’t miss to express their opinion.

This time it’s Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. The prime minister openly spoke in support of net neutrality. Just to let you know that the U.S. Federal Communications Commission is planning to scrape net neutrality. However, if you are in a situation where all your online activities are under a scanner, you will need best VPNs to freely access the internet.

Free Internet Is Necessary

Net neutrality is the need of the hour, without it, there is very little hope for the future. When you go online to look up for something, it is likely that you will get unlimited access to the World Wide Web. You don’t expect discriminations on any ground, for the internet needs to be free for all. Thus, when you go online, you want net neutrality. It is necessary that you are able to access content and communicate freely over the internet, without worrying about service providers that track your activities or slow you down. You need best VPNs to overcome such policing.

All That You Need To Know About Net Neutrality

In simple words, net neutrality means freedom of speech and expression, but online. Individuals around the world resort to social media to express their opinions. However, opponents of net neutrality want to avert this. Nevertheless, the rules of net neutrality maintain that the internet should enable and provide for free speech. There needs open networks, where communication and interactions can take place freely without hindrance.

When you go online, you should have complete control over what you see or search. For instance, the phone company guys don’t dictate who you can call. Similarly, your net service providers shouldn’t dictate what you can see or browse online. The internet has always given a platform for people to have exposure to all types of content. If open internet or net neutrality is taken away, the internet may lose its meaning and may become a closed network.

How Best VPNs Allow Online Freedom

Now, based on your IP, your geographical location is understood. That may lead to geographical restrictions and you cannot access certain sites due to geo-restrictions. According to rules of net neutrality, this is unfair.

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When you opt for the best VPNs, the internet services are routed off to a different geographical location. Le VPN prevents web trackers from tracking you. Moreover, Le VPN encrypts your internet connection, and no one can track what is sent via the connection.  Le VPN uses the AES-256 encryption algorithm, which is among the most advanced encryption protocols in the market today.

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