Amazon Free Time Unlimited Now Available On Apple Phone

Amazon Free Time Unlimited Now Available On Apple Phone

Amazon Free Time Unlimited is one favorite reading and entertainment app for kids. The app is available in the market for more than five years. Till date, Amazon Free Time Unlimited was accessible only through Android and Amazon devices. The subscribers will have access to over 10,000 books, movies, and shows at affordable subscription rates. If you are in a location, where Amazon’s app is not accessible due to geo-restrictions, opt for a VPN service. However, carefully select a paid VPN service over a free internet VPN.

A Virtual Private Network or VPN is known to provide the maximum online security against cyber threats. It encrypts the internet connection on every device by masking the IP address and establishes the secure internet connection through VPN servers.

What Is A VPN?

Standard wifi is unsafe as the hackers can easily track the user’s location, therefore, reach all confidential data. In a VPN, the network security is guaranteed by encryption of the internet traffic. Additionally, a VPN masks your real IP address. Hence, your original whereabouts are hidden.

Why You Should Avoid Free Internet VPN

If online security and seamless internet connectivity are what you need, go for a paid VPN service provider, rather than free internet VPN, even though we love free stuff, especially when it comes to the internet! Free internet VPN are potentially unsafe and should not be preferred over paid VPN. The reasons why you should not select a free internet VPN over a paid Internet VPN are as below:

With Le VPN’s subscription plan, you can choose from four protocols: PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, Open VPN, and HybridVPN. Whereas, a free internet VPN may not offer you such an option. The Free internet VPN may provide lower bandwidth than the paid ones. Bandwidths cost a considerable amount of money entirely, especially when it comes to serving hundreds of connections! Though the free internet VPN will promise online data privacy, you cannot trust them. Such free service providers may sell your user details to third parties for financial gains. On the other hand, Le VPN guarantees 100% online security and privacy.

Best VPN For iPhone

Le VPN is by far the best VPN network provider in the market, which also benefits the Apple iOS users. Le VPN offers customized apps for iOS, Android, and Windows. Installation and usage are hassle-free. The internet connection via Le VPN for an Apple device is encrypted. You can use Le VPN anywhere as we have high-quality VPN servers in 100+ locations across the globe. Benefits of Le VPN for iOS are as below:

  • hides the real IP address of the Apple device,
  • bypasses all geographic censorships and restrictions,
  • provides privacy in online surfing
  • anonymous internet browsing

So, opt for Le VPN network and enjoy the fantastic iOS features with a single subscription. It is better not to install Free Internet VPN in your Apple device. Instead, pick Le VPN and enjoy seamless connectivity with complete online security.



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