VPN for iPhone

 Encrypted mobile VPN connection for maximum security in WiFi hotspots and on public networks
 Full support of 4G/3G/GPRS mobile Internet connections
 Free and easy to use Le VPN iOS app
 Fast server selection in 114 countries and one-tap connect
 Access to geographically restricted iOS apps via a VPN getaway
 Unblocked social media apps in censored countries
 Multi-protocol support for iPhone: PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP
 Stable VPN connection for highly restricted networks via multiple OpenVPN ports
 Unlimited switches between servers and protocols for maximum flexibility


Why Use a VPN on Your iPhone?

Millions of Internet users benefit from the additional security a VPN provides. If you regularly use your iPhone to surf the web, installing a mobile VPN means you get the same level of protection on the go. You also get the same freedom to communicate privately, bank online and transfer files without risk. Some potential applications of an iPhone VPN include:

  • Connecting securely over any Wi-Fi hotspot.

Without a VPN, there’s no way of knowing if a Wi-Fi network found in a hotel, coffee shop, airport or other public space is safe. Identity theft and fraud are far more likely to occur in these situations than any other. Le VPN’s iPhone app uses the AES-256 encryption algorithm — the same technology developed by the NSA to send top secret information. You can check your email, transfer confidential files, and access banking and other private accounts without exposing yourself to risk.

  • Keeping VOIP calls private.

VPNs provide additional security when connecting over Skype, FaceTime or other VOIP apps. If you’re concerned about your conversations being secretly recorded, or you need an additional measure of security for confidentiality purposes, installing a VPN on your iPhone is a must.

  • Accessing censored or geographically restricted content.

When you’re traveling abroad and want to stay updated on news and media from home, or you’re in a region where government censorship is common, Le VPN’s iPhone app lets you bypass geographically restricted firewalls. Unblock your favorite social media sites, foreign news sources or even your home Netflix account using any of the virtual servers Le VPN maintains in more than 114 countries worldwide.

  • Transferring private or privileged files.

Working remotely requires that you take extra steps to ensure private data is transmitted securely. Lawyers, defense contractors, entrepreneurs and other professionals all rely on VPNs to send and receive confidential information, intellectual property and other privileged files while on the road.

Getting Started with Le VPN

Installing Le VPN’s iOS app on your iPhone only takes a few minutes and gives you immediate access to all the features desktop or tablet customers enjoy. Find us in the App Store or email our technical support desk for assistance.

If you’re not already a Le VPN customer, sign up today. All-inclusive plans start at just $4.95 USD/month and include unlimited access to our network of more than 400 servers and IP addresses in 114 countries around the world. There’s no safer or more secure way to surf the Internet from any phone or mobile device.

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