All That You Need To Know About GeoIP

All That You Need To Know About GeoIP

At your university or where you work, they give you a unique identification card. This distinguishes you from the others. When you log in to the internet, the same policy is applicable. Remember, millions of people worldwide log in to the internet at the same time as you. How can you differentiate one from another? You can do this by means of an internet protocol address or IP address. Now this IP address, also commonly known as GeoIP, is your unique identification number when you are online. This GeoIP depends on a large number of factors. You can read some of these factors below. Basically, the IP address depends on your geographical location.

What Do You Need To Know About GeoIP?

Now, the GeoIP is closely related to your exact geographical location. Basically, one look at your IP address reveals a lot about your location. The GeoIP is usually divided into a number of databases. Based on these, your location can be known.

For instance, the database reserved for countries would tell you only the country from which the IP address hails. The regional database would tell you both the country and the region of the address. The city database has to be the most detailed of the lot. It will reveal the country and the specific region of the IP address. It will also give you the city’s name, the postal codes and the geographical coordinates including latitude and longitude.

How Is It Useful

Thus, GeoIP technically allows you to pinpoint a certain location down to the exact coordinates. The companies offering GeoIP databases offer to identify the exact location for a number of purposes. Some of these are: fraud detection, content personalization, ad targeting, compliance, geo targeting, traffic analysis and even geo fencing. You can even carry out management of digital rights with this.

The kind of database you should go for largely depends on why you need GeoIP. If you are using it for commercial means, then the city database is the best way to go. It is the most accurate way to detect the location of a person or the device connected to the internet. When you download the database, you will have to visit the geo-location option in the settings menu in order to activate the GeoIP.

VPN And Geo Location

Now, GeoIP is closely linked with virtual private networks. Basically, a VPN is a kind of internet connection that allows you to connect to a larger, public network by adjusting your geographical location. By using VPN, you can unblock us and other websites that are geo restricted. This is possible by switching your IP address.

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