Why You Really Should Be Using a VPN

Why You Really Should Be Using a VPN

With so much in the news about data breaches and security hacks happening across the world, it is no surprise that protecting yourself is so important now. When it can happen to the US government, Sony Pictures and Apple, then you realise no one is safe from hacking. There are numerous ways to stay safe when online, so this is why you really should be using a VPN.

When you use the internet, you send information all over the world and all this data is stored remotely. Many of us use the internet for various reasons, including online banking, shopping or even just socially. But how do you know the information you send and receive is actually secure? Hackers and fraudsters are always trying to find ways to access your secure information, whether its your bank details to access money, or even just details about yourself in order to commit identity fraud, this is done by using your existing personal information to use in ways to take out credit, loans or anything else that require personal details (not even bank information), in your name. The worst part about this is that you might not even be aware its happened.

Even if you take all the correct precautions, you can never be truly safe online. One way you can get caught out is through unsafe internet connections. Even your home connection isn’t completely safe and secure, as you can never be sure where your internet traffic is going. The same can be said for public wifi zones, which can be highly unsafe, as it is completely open to anyone in the public. So if anyone can connect to the network, then they can quite easily access your information.

By signing up to Le VPN, you will be carrying around the best possible defence wherever you go, the ability to protect your online presence no matter what device you use, wherever you are in the world. By creating a secure, encrypted tunnel to the internet, your actions will be kept private and anonymous, free from any prying eyes. Le VPN can work on any device you use to connect to the internet, whether it is your laptop, smartphone, tablet or even a smart TV. So no matter where you are in the world; an airport, a cafe or just at home, you will be able to stay protected.



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  • David

    This is a great article! I wish more people were aware of the dangers of not secure wifi connections!
    I’ve been using Le VPN for some time now and can say that it’s the best VPN on the market from my experience! Thank you guys for your hard work!

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