Watch TV Channels Online with SmartDNS

Watch TV Channels Online with SmartDNS

As its that time of the year when everyone’s favourite TV shows are returning, or brand new ones are broadcast, you definitely don’t want to be missing any of them. Wherever you are in the world, watch TV channels online with SmartDNS.

SmartDNS is a service that comes with Le VPN, which allows you to watch various TV channels and services from around the world, regardless of where you are. By switching your IP address you can simply change your ‘geo-location’, allowing you to access content that is usually region-restricted to certain countries. Services such as BBC iPlayer, which broadcasts shows live as well as a large catalogue of content to stream, from films to documentaries to classic shows. The problem is, this service is only accessible from within the UK, so even if you’re just away and want to catch up on that show you missed, you can’t. But with Le VPN and SmartDNS you can.

With SmartDNS, it becomes simpler than ever to change IP addresses without the need to change configuration settings on your device. This works well if you like to have certain IP changes for certain websites or channels. So if you want to access the American library of Netflix, you can set it to that, whilst still keeping locally accessed websites.

SmartDNS can work just like Le VPN can, on any device that you use to connect to the internet with. So tablets, laptops, phones and even smart TVs will be able to work with SmartDNS. Another benefit to SmartDNS is because its only purpose is to watch content unrestricted, your internet speeds will not slow whatsoever, as the connection is not encrypted and secured like Le VPN is, so the only traffic passing through is your streaming content. Although it is worth remembering, you must ensure all your online activity is protected by Le VPN when you are not streaming content.

All of this is included within Le VPN Premium Plan, so if you are already enjoying the service, SmartDNS is a part of it. If not, sign up to Le VPN and enjoy the freedom of the internet and watch TV channels online with SmartDNS.



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