Brit Adults Opt For VPN To Access Blocked Content

Brit Adults Opt For VPN To Access Blocked Content

People use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for various reasons. Some wish to protect their data, some want to maintain their online anonymity, some want to surpass government censorship, and some look to avoid Geo-restrictions. But a majority of VPN users wish to unblock the blocked content. And they want to access webpages and channels that are not available in their region.

‘Incognito Individual’ Report

According to the YouGov’s report titled ‘Incognito Individual’, VPN users in the UK have increased. To a surprise, the users did not go for a VPN due to safety or security concerns. Rather, they wanted to surpass Geo-restrictions and access blocked content.

Increase In VPN Users

Brit adults’ interest in accessing the blocked content is the main reason behind this surge in VPN users. As a matter of fact, 16% of adults in the UK chose either a proxy server or a VPN. Furthermore, 48% of survey respondents agreed that they were using a UK VPN or a proxy to view the blocked content.

YouGov’s ‘Incognito Individual’ Report Says:

  • 44% of the respondents picked a VPN service for better security
  • 48% of survey respondents used a VPN to view blocked content
  • 37% of the respondents wished to improve privacy
  • 24% of the respondents did not want to see targeted advertisements
  • 19% of the respondents used a VPN to cut the amount of spam

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